Climate Change Frameworks

Make your impact matter using the appropriate climate change framework that suits your needs and objectives.

Exploring which framework best fits your business is crucial in determining your strategy to combat climate change. You need specialists with vast knowledge of existing concepts and can identify an approach that will advance your sustainability goals. At Super Smart Energy, we inform our clients’ responses to climate change with different frameworks.


Climate change frameworks can help you plan and execute effective responses to the climate crisis. They are guiding principles that aspire to chart a clearer and more definitive development path towards a greener future. The goal is to make companies more resilient and allow them to future-proof their businesses.

Organisations are grappling with lasting solutions against the unprecedented impact of global warming. With a framework as your benchmark, you can determine key result areas in your operations that need addressing. You can apply the concepts to various aspects of the business, such as risk management, assessment and evaluations, adaptation initiatives, and strategic planning.


Science Based Targets