The Challenge

Knowing where to start can often be the biggest challenge for businesses embarking on their journey to net zero. In the case of Sadleirs, a robust plan was needed to build on the tentative sustainability initiatives the leading logistics services provider had already carried out. The company, whose history dates back to 1829, had dipped its toe in the water with a few minor steps to reduce electricity spending, such as upgrading lighting, but knew it needed to do more.

An industry leader in national, international and specialised site logistics services, and Australia’s second oldest family-run business, Sadleirs aspires to adopting environmental best practices in the transportation industry for the benefit of current and future generations.

It seeks to advance in key areas such as minimising pollution and consumption of energy, fuel and water, establishing responsibilities and targets, and providing its employees with job-specific training on environmental issues.

The Super Smart Energy Solution

  • Researched and reviewed GHG emissions.
  • Created a decarbonisation roadmap including initiatives to achieve zero carbon emissions business.
  • Energy efficiency and energy substitution were invested to identify and mitigate the source of the GHG emissions associated with the business activities of Sadleirs.
  • Part of company’s ongoing identification, assessment and management of elements of its business that impact on the environment. Support the companies objectives and targets. Quick to respond. SSE presented to the Board, liaised with leadership team and stakeholders.

the Highlights

  • Green electricity by 2027
  • Zero LPG by 2032
  • Zero Carbon Emission by 2037
Next steps:
  • Addition of green energy at Sadleirs HQ
  • Electrification of forklifts
  • Electrification of light to medium duty trucks
The Super Smart Energy Value-Add

By identifying and documenting the short, medium and long-term objectives, Super Smart Energy has provided Sadleirs with a robust plan that has enabled the logistics specialist to commit to a 2037 Net Zero target.

The collaborative approach and impressive turn-around time prompted Sadleirs to subsequently enlist Super Smart Energy’s help in delivering the company’s inaugural sustainability report a few months later.

Throughout the partnership, Sadleirs reports the knowledge of its team has been significantly enhanced, smoothing the way for future decarbonisation initiatives as part of its brand-new Net Zero roadmap.