Regis Resources


Regis Resources is an Australian gold mining company focused on production and exploration activities throughout Australia. Their operations consist of three main projects: Duketon, Topicana (a 30% owned joint venture), and McPhillamys (an advanced exploration project).

The Solution

As part of the mandate, Super Smart Energy researched and reviewed Regis Resources’ Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and created a roadmap that includes the initiatives to achieve a zero carbon emissions business.

Energy Efficiency (Process and Non Process Equipment) and Energy Substitution were investigated to identify and mitigate the source of the GHG emissions associated with the business activities of Regis Resources.

Climate Change Scenario Analysis was also performed to review different climate related scenarios to understand the risks and opportunities for the business moving forward.

the results

Four cost saving initiatives to be immediately implemented at existing sites that will reduce carbon emissions by 10+%.
No LPG to be used on new mine sites.
A 70% carbon reduction compared to the previous design for the new mine.
Climate Change Scenario Analysis highlighted achievable pathways below 1.5°C and 2°C.

“The findings of the GHG Assessment and Decarbonisation Review has provided Regis Resources with a measured roadmap to remove GHG emissions from our operations.

The expertise and professional, responsive approach from Super Smart Energy gives us confidence that we are on the right pathway to achieve our Net Zero goals. We look forward to continuing our decarbonisation journey with the Super Smart Energy team.”

Mr Malcolm Wealleans
Regis Resources Environmental Manager
November 2022