Regis Resources

The Challenge

Super Smart Energy was engaged to develop a company-wide plan to reach net zero at the Duketon Gold Project in the Western Australian Goldfields . The scope of work was subsequently expanded to include the Tropicana JV operation, also in the Goldfields, and the McPhillamys greenfield site in New South Wales.

A high-margin gold producer and explorer with more than a decade of consistent production and reserve growth, Regis Resoruces is taking steps to evolve its sustainability journey. Not only is it committed to working safely and sharing value with its host communities, but it is continuing to minimise its environmental impact as a priority.

The Super Smart Energy Solution

  • Researched and reviewed emissions and created a roadmap with initiatives to achieve zero carbon emissions 
  • Investigated energy efficiency (process and non-process equipment) and energy substitution to identify and mitigate source of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate Change Scenario analysis performed to review different climate related scenarios, clarifying the risks and opportunities for business moving forward.

the Highlights

4 cost-saving initiatives for immediate implementation at Duketon and Tropicana that will reduce carbon emissions by 10+%
No LPG to be used on new mine sites, including McPhillamys
A 70% carbon reduction compared to the previous design for McPhillamys.
Climate Change Scenario Analysis highlighted achieveable pathways below 1.5°C and 2°C.
The Super Smart Energy Value-Add

After seeing the results of the 100% Regis-owned Duketon site and the speed at which Super Smart Energy was able to makes these available, Regis expanded the scope of work to include additional sites.

The inclusion of the McPhillamys project provided invaluable insights into establishing a low carbon mine from the outset and significantly enhanced the team’s knowledge of decarbonisation goals and initiatives.

Regis now has a measured, data-backed roadmap so it can be confident in its path to net zero, with a better  understanding of the costs and timelines involved to achieve various targets.