4 Ways to Reduce your Diesel Spend

Aug 30, 2021

Fuel for thought!

Hydrocarbons are generally considered the second largest expense on a mine site. Don’t worry we know there are 4 main areas to keep an eye on when looking to drive down costs.


1. Improve Your Fuel Cleanliness

Contamination of diesel fuel due to poor housekeeping practices can result in reduced filter life, diminish fuel life and cause component failures.

Unwanted particulates in diesel fuel will increase fuel pump wear and act as a projectile within the fuel system leading to injector nozzle wear and reduced combustion efficiency, which increases your fuel consumption. Improvements in fuel cleanliness will improve the life span of your fuel pump and injectors (reduced maintenance costs) and reduce fuel consumption.


2. Hybrid or Renewable Power Generation

Diesel is the most commonly used fuel for remote electricity generation on mine sites.With the advancement of solar PV and wind technology, renewable energy solutions can now seamlessly integrate with diesel or gas generators to deliver power reliability and cost savings.

And best of all there are short or long term mining solutions out there for mining companies to consider.


3. Fuel Alternatives

Sustainable natural gas for mobile mining purposes is providing an effective substitute for traditional diesel fuels. Substituting diesel with natural gas (up to 85%) can provide significant benefits, such as: Reduced fuel costs between 15-35%, reduced maintenance cost up to 5%, reduced diesel particulates up 85% and a reduction in greenhouse gases up to 20%.


 4. Fuel Management Systems

A fuel management system encourages smart operators to maximise cost savings through the combination of hardware and software. Typical benefits include: Reduced idling time, Decrease downtime and maintenance costs, Improved fuel security and overall safety. All resulting in large cost savings.


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